Visual Anthropology Laboratory

Visual Anthropology Laboratory

A Visual Anthropology Laboratory has been established to capture the ethnographic nuances around important social issues concerning everyday life of local communities.

The laboratory aspires to become the epicenter of documentation, projection and advocacy of anthropological insight at a national platform. Arguing that visual representation is one shade closer to reality in comparison to the conventional ethnography, the presence of Visual Laboratory helps in recording and analyzing history in a visual perspectiveas well as documenting visual imageries of present day life.

The visual medium is becoming important genre for unfolding policy initiatives and programme by Development planners and administrators. Visual text and visual archives provide the necessary disciplinary insight in this direction for policy planning and governance.

Prof. Soumendra M.Patnaik & Dr. Avitoli G. Zhimo

when smiled the strength she had

~Hardik Gaurav, M.Phil. Part-I
First prize
IAA Photography Competition 2015

Seen Unseen

~Davangi Pathak B.Sc-III
Second Prize
IAA Photography Competition 2015

Hiding the tears and a heavy heart behind those rainbowed veils- 'Celebrating Death'.
death rituals, Oriya village, Mount Abu

~Aayushi Malhotra B.Sc-III
Third Prize
IAA Photography Competition 2015

Mobile phone Ethnographic films : edited and directed by Students of B.Sc-II Sem-IV (erstwhile FYUP) 2015, as part of Visual Anthropology practical

A withering flower on a dusty track
Sarthak Malhotra, Ashwin Tripathi (B.Sc sem-IV 2015)

The Struggle
Ngawang Tselha, Wairokpam Amorjit, Chonsing Shimrah, Srividya (B.Sc sem-IV 2015)

Changing Tides
Drishta Gopala, Garima Bisht, Shristi Bhatnagar, Kirti Sharma (B.Sc sem-IV 2015)

The Street winners
Singmichon Keishing, Takhe Gyati, Shivam (B.Sc sem-IV 2015)