Kinanthropometry, Ergonomics and Physiological Anthropology

Kinanthropometry, Ergonomics and Physiological Anthropology


Laboratory of Kinanthropometry, Ergonomics and Physiological Anthropology is dedicated to quality teaching and research. The laboratory facilitates learning in higher education and promotes scientific research. It is actively involved in training young minds to provide much needed expertise in the field of Kinanthropometry, Ergonomics, and Physiological Anthropology. Research in the field of Kinanthropometry primarily focuses on the assessment and importance of growth and development, nutrition, physical fitness, and sports science whereas research areas in Ergonomics include, but are not limited to, the role of anthropometry in designing various products and equipments, mental health of the studied group, occupational health hazards, work postures and musculoskeletal disorders. Lastly, research problems in Physiological Anthropology focus on accessing various life-style related health issues among urban, rural, and various ethnic groups by evaluating relevant physiological parameters. The laboratory is well stocked with equipments like stadiometer, treadmill, elliptical cross trainer, ergonomic table, hand grip dynamometer, back and leg dynamometer, Harpenden skinfold caliper, spirometer, segmental body composition analyzer, thermal cycler, along with wooden stools especially designed for taking rapid fitness index in males and females. The laboratory has produced many eminent scholars who are actively engaged in research and training in top universities of India and abroad, in non-profit organizations focused on public health, and premier government bodies such as the Sports Authority of India.

Teachers in-charge: Prof P.R Mondal and Dr. Shivani Chandel

Current Research Scholars

1. Name of Research scholar: Nilupher
Research topic: Bio-Social predictors of health and quality of life among adult population of Delhi

2. Name of Research scholar: Kshetrimayum Surmala Devi
Research topic: Lifestyle pattern, quality of life and metabolic syndrome: An Anthropological Approach

3. Name of Research scholar: Urvashi Gupta
Research topic: Biosocial aspects of adolescent health

4. Name of Research scholar: Monika Kulshreshtha
Research topic: Dance and Health: a study among female Kathak dancers of North India.

5. Name of Research scholar: Sukhmani Kaur
Research topic: Causes and consequences of obesity: A study among Ramgarhia Sikh community of north India.

6. Name of Research scholar: Shagufta Naaz Ansari
Research topic: Bio cultural determinants of psychological stress- A study among Ramgarhia Sikh of Delhi

7. Name of Research scholar: Chonsing Shimrah
Research topic: Musculoskeletal disorders and its associated co-morbidities among north Indian farmers.

8. Name of Research Scholar:Jaisleen Kaur
Research topic:Poroscopy, Fingerprints, Dermatoglyphics

9. Name of Research scholar: Shweta Jain
Research Topic: Nutrition and Healthy Ageing

Recent Publications

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