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  Advertisement: Post of Field Investigator in Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance spondored research project "Longitudinal assessment of metabolomic changes during pregnancy on foetal growth". (new)

Notice: Interview List for admission to Ph.D. Anthropology 2017-2018

Time Table for the academic session 2018 w.e.f 1st January 2018

Notice for Research Scholars:
A monthly joint meeting of the faculty members and research scholars will be scheduled on every second Thursday of the month. If the specified date is a holiday, the meeting may be scheduled on the next working day.

The open Ph.D. viva-voce examination of Ms. Mahima Gulabani on her Ph.D. thesis entitled “Genetic Association Study of GWAS Identified Genes Related to age at Menarche and Age at Natural Menopause in the Rural and Urban Jat Females of Haryana, India” on Thursday, 22 March 2018 at 11:45 a.m. in the Seminar Room of the Department.

The open Ph.D. viva-voce examination of Ms. Swati Chawla on her Ph.D. thesis entitled “The role of Genetic Modifiers in the Clinical Severity of Beta Thalassemia among India Patients (Delhi-NCR Region)” on Thursday, 22 March 2018 at 12:30 p.m. in the Seminar Room of the Department.

The viva-voce examination of Neha Gupta on her M.Phil. dissertation entitled “Assessing the Role of Adiposity Indices in the Influencing the Respiratory Health of Children in Delhi” on Thursday, 22 March 2018 at 01:15 p.m. in the Seminar Room of the Department.

Radiocarbon Date Raffle: Need a Date? Join Beta Analytic’s Raffle
Inviting all undergrad and postgrad students who need radiocarbon dating to join Beta Analytic’s raffle. Five (5) AMS dates worth US$595 each. The raffle is open to all students in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America and South America. One winner will be selected per region. To join the raffle, please fill out the form found in raffle page which requires a description of your research that needs AMS dating. Winners are required to show proof of enrollment for any semester in 2018. For details, please visit

To prevent Caste-based Discrimination in higher education, the Department of Anthropology has appointed a Committee to look into any cases of caste-based discrimination in the department

Anti-ragging committee 2017-2018. Anti-ragging Squad committee 2017-2018. (posted on 4.7.2017)

University of Delhi Policy on Sexual Harassment

SAKSHAM: Measures for Ensuring the Safety of Women and Programmes for Gender Sensitization on Campuses

Notice for students admitted on the basis of Sports to under graduate and post graduate courses

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