The Prince of Wales is seen here visiting the department's Museum

J.B.S Haldane, the father of population genetics is seen here discussing genetics laboratory with P.C Biswas. Keenly looking at him are Swadesh Seth & SC Tiwari

Alaxender Weiner is seen here with P.C. Biswas and I.P. Singh at the serology laboratory of the department. Weiner was the discoverer of human blood groups.

The then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru is seen visiting ethnographic museum of the department. Nehru took personal interest in the departmental museum by donating a large number of artifacts from time to time.
L-R: PC Biswas, Nehru, IP Singh and A. Sharma (1960)

L to R: J.D. Mehra, A.sharma, Kamlesh Guha, Hari Bharadwaj, B.S. Guha and I.S. Marwah. This photograph is from early nineteen sixties when B.S. Guha was a very influential and important anthropologist. A Ph.D. from Harvard, he was the most frequent examiner for Delhi University students. He being the Director of Anthropological survey of India, was also instrumental in selecting anthropologists for the Government of India

P.C Biswas paid a visit to the department in late nineteen seventies. Seen here are some of the well known anthropologists of the country

In November, 1959, S.C Tiwari left for England for pursuing post-doctoral work. Seen here are people coming to see him off at the Delhi Railway Station. Prof . Tiwari took a train up to Bombay and then boarded a ship to go to England.
From L to R: JC Sharma, DD Kapoor, LP Vidyarthy, V. Bhalla, IP Singh, AK Mitra, SC Tiwari, JD Mehra, PK Dutta, A. Sharma, JD Mawalwala, and RD Sanwal (the one holding papers). The little girls seen in the photograph are two of Prof. Tiwari’s nieces and the youngest of all, Prof. JD Mehra’s daughter

Margaret Mead visited the department in mid nineteen seventies when she received the Kalinga Award from the Government of India. She is seen here addressing Delhi University fraternity

Sitting from left: Prof. AC Bagvati, Prof. Amita Bagga, Prof. SC Tiwari, Prof. DK Bhattacharya and Prof. Surinder Nath
Standing from left: Dr. OinamHemlata Devi, Prof. P. C. Joshi, Prof. IJS Bansal, Dr. Ajit Jaiswal and Mrs. Bhattacharya

A rare photograph showing I. P. Singh with P. K. Dutta, S. K. Basu and R. Singh at Purana Quila

AB Vajpei, IP Singh, LP Vidyarthi

Gopal Krishan, SC Tiwari, S. Nath, Sarwesh Kumar and IP Singh attending an exhibition of the department at Teen Murti Bhawan

IS Marwah, BK Roy Burman, Kamlesh Guha, JS Bhandari and Shalina Mehta in a seminar

JD Mehra, VC Channa, PK Nayak, IS Marwah and J. S. Bhandari
in a seminar

P. C. Biswas, the founder of the Department with his students such as S.C. Tiwari, I.P. Singh, S. Seth, P. K. Srivastava, I. S. Marwah, I. J. S. Bansal and DK Bhattacharya

SC Tiwari, JD Mehra, IS Marwah, VC Channa

Anthropological Association, Delhi University. 1957-1958
1st Row Chairs: - Vijinder Bhalla (Secretary), S.C.Tiwari (Treasurer), I.P.Singh, P.C.Biswas (Patron), N.Dutta Majumdar (Director Dept. of Anthropology Govt. of India), J.D.Mehra, A. Sharma, Tirlok Pandit (President), Sushila Sharma.
2nd Row Chairs: - Sachdev, P.N.Gulati, R.D.Sanwal (Member E.committee), H.S.Bakshi, P.D.P.Rao, Divyadarshi Kapoor (Ex. President), Dilbag SIngh, S.N.Malik, Balwant singh
3rd Row Chair: - Kewal Singh, Taarey

Anthropology 1954-1955, Lucknow University
1st Row: - K.Gajoor, T.N.Madan, S.C.Dube, K.Harinarain, M.N.Srinivas, Gopala Sarana, A.Aiyappan, D.N.Majumdar, Mukal, Leela Dube, Usha Mahapatra, D.Sen.
2nd Row: - S.Durrani, D.Verma, S.K.Banerjee, D.Sinha, A.Sharma, S.Kalia, A.Bhatnagar, S.N.Beri, A.Kurup, L.K.Mahapatra,D.K.Sen, R.C.Ratti, H.S.Saxena, U.S.Misra
3rd Row: - J.V.Jain, U.Goswami, R.K.Srivastava, P.C.Arora, S.C.Panda
4th Row: - Hira Lal, Sadeq Hussain, Mewalal

Executives of the Anthropology Club 1952-1953, Lucknow University
Sitting (L to R) Uma Chaturvedi, D.Sen, D.N.Majumdar Patron, L.P.Vidyarthi President, T.C.Dass Chief Guest, D.K.Sen Treasurer, Asha Lata Bhatnagar
Standing (L to R) S.H.Ahmad Secretary, A.K.Sharma, D.K.Seth, B.K.Verma Vice-President

From L-R: Prof. G.K.Kshatriya, Prof. A.K.Kalla, Prof. S.Nath, Prof. M.K.Kumbhanani, Prof. Mr. Thukral, Prof. A.K.Kapoor and Mr. Jain

Prof. Henry Lamin (NEHU) with research students of the department (2002)

Master students: Class of 2002. Dr. Rukshana Zaman (IGNOU) third from left, Dr. Sonia Kaushal (Sagar University) sixth from left

The technical workforce of the department

From L-R: Prof. M.P.Sachdeva, Prof. S.Nath, Prof. R.S.Mann, Prof. V.K.Srivastava, Prof. H.K.Kumbhnani, Prof. P.C.Joshi

Prof. S.Nath with late Mr. Mange Ram and late Mr. Nand Kishor

Dr. Twinkle Pal (Asst. Professor Hindu college) is being greeted by her juniors (2003)

Abhay Minz and Minakshi Munda singing at Freshers' party during their M.Sc. They later married.

Prof. S.Nath and Mr. Subhash in Osteometry laboratory