Vinay Kumar Srivastava (M.Sc., Ph.D)
Area of Interest
  • Comparative religion
  • Caste system
  • Family dynamics
  • Medical systems
  • Anthropological theory and methods

    Prof. V. K. Srivastava (M.Sc., Ph.D.) was a Professor in Department of Anthropology till December 2017. He was trained in anthropology and sociology at Department of Anthropology and Delhi school of Economics, University of Delhi. He earned his doctorate in social anthropology from University of Cambridge. Prior to joining the Department as a lecturer in 1985, he taught sociology in Hindu College and was the Teacher-in-charge of the Department of Sociology there. He was appointed as Principal of Hindu College from March 2010-2012 while on lien from Department of Anthropology. He taught courses on anthropological theory and methods, urban anthropology, medical anthropology, tribal and peasant societies in the Department.

    He was awarded numerous honors and fellowships like Science Merit Award, University Gold Medal for being the highest rank holder in Anthropology, All India Post-Graduate Scholarship from 1972-1974, National Scholarship from 1974-1976, Smt. Kunda Datar Gold Medal for being the best candidate in M.A. Sociology, R.D. Sanwal Memorial Prize for getting the highest marks in M.A. examination in Sociology, Fellowship under the Faculty Improvement Programme, 1979, National Scholarship to Study Abroad, Government of India, 1980, Commonwealth Scholarship to study Social Anthropology at Cambridge (U.K.) in 1988,Rashtriya Shiromani Award, 2006, by Delhi Telegu Society for distinguished work in anthropology, Post-Graduate Research Award, University Grants Commission, 2006.
    Professor Srivastava was recently appointed as Director of Anthropological Survey in the month of March 2017.
    Email: vks1@ymail.com