Anthropology of Cardiometabolic Adversities

Programme Schedule and Book of Abstracts

Rapporteurs' Report


Prof. I.P. Singh at the registration desk

Prof. V.R.Rao at the registration desk

Dr. R.P.Mitra: The co-convenor of the seminar and the Anchor

The Chief Guest, Dr. Bindu Dey lighting the inaugural lamp

The Guest of Honour, Prof. Vandana Roy (middle) and Dr. Shantanu Sengupta

Prof. V.K.Srivastava, Head of Department, lighting the lamp

Inaugural song: Jyothis and Sudeshna

A section of audience

Prof. V.K.Srivastava,delivering inaugural address

Dr. K.N.Saraswathie: Introductory note

Guest of honour, Prof. Vendana Roy

Chief Guest Dr. Bindu Dey

Dr. Benrithung Murry:
Vote of Thanks

Dr. Avitoli G. Zhimo and Prof. A.K.Kalla, chairing the session Biological and Social Considerations in Cardiometabolic Research

Prof. Sanjay Chaturvedi: Societal and Environmental Drivers of Childhood Obesity in India

Prof. V.R.Rao: Rare vs Common Alleles, Simple vs Complex Diseases and Next Generation Sequencing...

Dr. Kennedy Singh and Prof. S.M.Patnaik chairing the session Psychological Aspect of Cardiometabolic Research and Adversities

Plenary Lecture
Prof. Manju Mehta: Stress as Risk Factor in Cardiovascular Disorders

Plenary lecture: Dr. Ravinder Singh
Stroke: Loss of self and New neural Identities: A Challenge to Urban Life Style

Dr. R.P.Mitra and Dr. M.K.Singh chairing the session E-Poster Presentations

Plenary Lecture
Prof. P.C. Joshi: Depression and Cardiovascular Disease

Simi Saini: Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Gene Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism among the Tribal and Non-Tribal Populations of Rajasthan (First Position: E-poster)

Urvashi Gupta: Status of MTHFR Gene Polymorphism among the Bhils of Rajasthan (First:E-poster)

Dr. Benrithung Murry and Prof. I.S.Marwah chairing the session Ethical and Cultural Issues Related to Cardiometabolic Adversities

Dr. Sanjenbam Yaiphaba Meitei
Hypertension in the Young Ages: A New Paradigm

Plenary lecture
Prof. Soumendra M. Patnaik: Ethical Issues in Anthropological Research in India

The delegates enjoying cultural programme

Preksha of B.Sc-II performing at the cultural programme

Simran of M.Sc (Forensic science) performing

Celebrating beauty in diversity

Dr. Shivani Chandel and Prof. V.R.Rao chairing the session Genetics and Genomics of Cardiovascular Adversities

Plenary Lecture
Dr. Tushar Roy: Cardiovascular Disease in India - Rising Incidence, Risk Factors and Prevention

Dr. Mitashree Srivastava and Prof. A.K.Kalla chairing the session Social, Epidemiological and Genetic Aspects of Cardiovascular Disorders

Suniti Yadav: First Position (Flash Presentation)
Global DNA Methylation and Adverse Cardiovascular Variable

Seminar Lucheon
Prof. A.K.Kalla, Dr. Kumkum Srivastava,
Prof. P.C.Joshi and Dr. K.N.Saraswathie

Dr. Meenal Dhall and Prof. P.C.Joshi chairing the session Gene and Environmental aspects of Cardiometabolic Disorders

Plenary Lecture
Dr. Kumkum Srivastava: Cultural Construction of Heart in Bollywood Movies

Valedictory Panel: Dr. K.N.Saraswathie, Prof. I.P.Singh, Prof. V.K.Srivastava, Prof. P.C.Joshi. Prof. V.R.Rao

Jayashree Mazumder: MTHFR C677T Gene Polymorphism among the Rajputs of Rajasthan (First position: E-poster)