Ph.D. registration 2012

Name: Astha Sachdeva
Date of registration:18.10.2012
Supervisor: Prof. M.P.Sachdeva
Topic: Establishment of personal identity through iris scan: Anthropological and forensic implications
Scholarship: Non-NET
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Name: Chatali Tandon
Date of registration: 16 october 2012
Supervisor: Prof. S.M.Patnaik
Topic: Anthropological study of Gurbani Kirtan Tradition of the sikhs
Scholarship: UGC-JRF

Name: Garima Thakuria
Supervisor: Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh
Date of registration: 28th June 2012
Thesis: Neolithic Culture of Assam
Scholarship: ICHR JRF

Name: Gunjan Arora
Supervisor: Prof. Subhadra Mitra Channa
Date of registration: 15 June 2012
Thesis: Body as an Expression of Social Space: An Anthropological Reflection of Gender and health among Women Office Workers of Delhi.
Scholarship: ICMR-SRF

Name: Imkongtenla Pongen
Supervisor: Prof Satwanti Kapoor
Date of Registration: 16th October 2012
Thesis: Risk factors associated with lifestyle diseases among Ao Nagas
Scholarship: UGC-JRF & SRF

Name: Kangabam Sonia Devi
Date of registration:17.10.2012
Supervisor: Dr. Benrithung Murry
Topic: Anthropo-demographic inquest on reproductive health and child nutritional staus among the Lois of Phayeng and Leimaram, Manipur.
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Name: Khundongbam Gyanabati Devi
Supervisor: Professor P.C. Joshi
Date of Registration 13th June 2012
Thesis: Household Management Of Malnutrition In Manipur
Scholarship: ICSSR

Name: Komal Jha
Date of registration:10.10.2012
Supervisor: Prof. A.K.Kapoor
Topic: Physical biometrics variability among Indian populations
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Name: Mitali Kapoor
Date of registration:16.10.2012
Supervisor: Prof. V.R.Rao / Dr. N.Kiranmala Devi
Topic:Molecular anthropologcal study of rare cardiomyo-pathies anthromeogenic right verticular cardiomyopathy & retrictive cardio-myopathy
Scholarship: UGC-JRF
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Name: Monika Saini
Supervisor: Professor Anup Kumar Kapoor
Date of registration: 17th October 2012
Thesis: Handwriting Variations among Indian Population
Scholarship: UGC-JRF

Name: Saakshi Joshi
Supervisor: Professor Subhadra Channa
Date of Registration: 18th June 2012
Topic: Narratives of Belonging
Scholarship: UGC - JRF; Fulbright - Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowship
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Name: Sampriti Panda
Date of registration: 16 october 2012
Supervisor: Dr. R.P. Mitra
Thesis: Forest, Economy and Livelihood: Issues in a pvtg of Juangs.
Scholarship: UGC- JRF

Name: Seerat Talwar
Date of registration:
Supervisor: Dr. K.N.Saraswathy
Topic: Molecular anthropology
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Name: Shivani Pasi
Supervisor: Prof. V.R.Rao
Date of registration: 17th October 2012
Thesis: Genetics of Suicide
Scholarship: RGNF

Name : Snigdha Vishnoi
Supervisor : Prof. Vinay Kumar Srivastava
Date of Registration: 15th June 2012
Thesis: Anthropology of Organizations
Scholarship: UGC-SRF

Subhendu Kumar Acharya
Supervisor: Professor Gautam K Kshatriya
Registration: October 2012
Topic: Genetic, Social and Cultural aspects of Leprosy: An Anthropological insight among Santals of Mayurbhanj district of Odisha.

Name: Sukanya Sarma
Date of registration:25.10.2012
Supervisor: Prof. A.K.Kapoor
Topic:Study of lip-prints in population of north east India
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Name: Supriya Singh
Date of Registration: June 2012
Suprvisor: Prof. S M Patnaik
Topic: Political Ecology of Water
Scholarship : UGC Non-net

Name: Tabitha Panmei
Course: Ph.D
Supervisor: Prof. Gautam .K. Kshatriya
Date of Registration: 17th October 2012
Topic: A Study of Genetic Structure of Zeliangrong Naga Tribes of Manipur
Scholarship: UGC- Non Net