Celebrating Anthropology : The Human Science

National Seminar on "Celebrating Anthropology : The Human Science" was held from 22nd to 23rd April 2016, at Biswas Hall, Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi


Programme Schedule

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Welcome song : Jyothis & Sudeshna

Welcome address : Prof. P.C.Joshi

co-convenor : Dr. R.P.Mitra

Address by the Head: Prof. V.K.Srivastava

Guest of Honour: Prof. S.C.Tiwari

Chief Guest: Prof. Samir Kumar Brahmachari
Scientist, IGIB, CSIR
Vote of Thanks: Dr. K.N.Saraswathy, Co-convenor

Light moments over a cup of tea

Participants and Volunteers
Dr. Kumkum Srivastava: Food and Gender

Prof. S.L. Malik : Acclimatization to high altitude environment: A success story of human species
Prof. Abhik Ghosh: The social construction of a spectacle: Firewalking in Jharkhand (India) as celebration

Prof. R.B. Singh: Disaster risk reduction through science-policy interface Dr. Ruth R. Walkup : Celebrating anthropology
Dr. N. Kiranmala Devi: My journey into motherhood as an anthropologist

Rajanikant Pandey~ Corporate environmentalism: Mining industry and anthropological encounters

Dr. Indrani Chattopadhyaya - Understanding the past: Ethnoarchaeology in context