DUAA Executive members 2014-2015

"This is my last year as a student in the department and I have got the opportunity to work as a member thrice in five years. It has always been an enthralling experience to work with new people year after year and going in sync with their thinking and perceptions. I consider myself as a representative who is selected by the students thus; I am always keen on working towards their welfare and in accordance to their interests. In the department, we are taught to adjust to anything and everything, as an Anthropologist needs to be ready and up for all the challenges during his/her work. According to me, working in the students’ union and handling students with varied interests trains us in improvising our work ethics too. I would like to thank all the teachers, members and students for their support throughout".
~Nupur Mahajan

“Being a part of DUAA gave me the opportunity to organize the Fresher and the Farewell, something that I love doing. For me, being part of a council of any institution entail a lot of responsibilities that are not just limited to organizing events but involves helping one's peers and the juniors. Also, being a part of the student body puts the responsibility of upholding the prestige of the institution on one's shoulders. Working for the council gave me a valuable experience of working with a hard working President, Nupur Mahajan, and learning how to manage and organize an event and how to maintain good relations with everyone, even with people you don't like. Avitoli Ma'am has been the best advisor one could ask for since she taught us that sometimes being straightforward is the way to go.”
~Garima Bisht

“Delhi University Anthropological Association (DUAA) aims at bringing students from all the academic levels starting from first year of graduation to final year of masters, to work together. The members along with students of the department together organise various seminars, conferences and functions in the department.”
~Neha Gupta

“I believe, we are the voice of people, both for students and the teachers, basically an intermediate through which both the sides can convey their messages and ideas to each other and work for a common development and improvement in the benefit of the students and the teachers of our department, and the department as a whole.”
~Guncha Babbar

“Being class representative is like being the Mukhiya of a village, as one of my professors described it and it basically involves doing everything for the class even if I don't want to, whether it be collecting money or getting things photocopied or collecting notes. The DUAA, I think in its current capacity is limited as an organiser of department events and other activities like Antardhwani. I hope we can do something more to bring anthropology to the forefront in Indian education.”
~Sarthak Malhotra

“For me, the Department of Anthropology is like a dream come true. I really feel good that how aware I'm becoming each day about myself and the world that I'm living in! Moreover, I feel privileged to be a part of the students’ union. Being a member, has helped me a lot to open up, interact with many people and it inspires me a lot to work together as a team and believe in the idea that together we can change the world for better! I'm looking forward to have more wonderful experiences in this department with amazing people.”
~Stanzin Dolkar