National Seminar on 'Anthropology and Environment'

National Seminar on "Anthropology and Environment" was held on
Friday, 26 February, 2016

Programme Schedule

Rapporteurs' Report



Welcome note: Dr. Vipin Gupta

Prof. V.K.Srivastava (Head of department) welcoming Chief Guest Prof. S.C.Tiwari

Prof. V.K.Srivasatava and Prof. S.L.Malik (in whose honour the seminar was organized)

Guest of Honour: Prof. Rajan Gaur, Department of Anthropology Panjab University, Chandigarh

A section of audience:
Prof. P.C.Joshi and Prof. M.P.Sachdeva

Prof. S.L.Malik. A walk in the garden of anthropological delight

Vote of thanks:
Dr. Shivani Chandel

Scientific session-I
Chair: Prof. P.C.Joshi &co-chair: Dr. Kennedy Singh

Prof. Roumi Deb. Prevalence and determinants of HIV Infection among the youths of Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya.

Dr. K.N.Saraswathy. Lipid and homocysteine metabolic pathways: Do they complement each other?

Dr. R.P.Mitra. Nature and Culture: An Anthropological Insight.

Dr. Benrithung Murry. Environmental influence on maternal health.

A memento for the chair. Prof. P.C.Joshi and Prof. A.K.Kalla

Scientific Session-II Chair: Prof. M.P.Sachdeva & Co-chair: Chakraverti Mahajan

Dr. Sudipta Ghosh. Association between Body Composition and Blood Pressure in relation to Diverse Environmental Conditions.

Dr. Kiranmala.
Climate change and Health: An Anthropological understanding.

Dr. Twinkle Pal.
Women and Forest Conservation.

Dr. Mitashree Srivastava.
Beneath the 'Bodhi' tree : An anthropological study of Buddhism and 'eco-spirituality' at Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Dr. M. Kennedy Singh.
Anthropological understanding of Lai Haraoba in Manipur.

Olivia Calleja. Following Delhi’s Garbage: Solid Waste Management and the Reconfiguration of Urban Environments in the Capital of India.

Sampriti Panda.Tribe-Forest relationship: A case study from Juangs of Odisha.

Nayanjyoti. Ethnography at a Node in the Global Production Network: Beyond Centre-Margin and Nature Culture?

Prof. V.K.Srivastava presenting memento to one of the paper presenters

Valedictory session: Prof. V.K.Srivastava, Prof. Rajan Kaur, Prof. S.L.Malik